Tucci Electronic Recycling
Tucci Electronic Recycling

Tucci Electronic Recycling LLC

Based in norcross , GA, was established in 2016. Tucci Electronic Recycling LLC is committed to maximizing the recovery value of excess and obsolete electronics that are at its end of life. Offers three options when recycling electronics, demanufacturing, refurbishing and shredding.. See More

Help us take care of the planet!

We understand that keeping up with the newest technology and maintaining a healthy fresh cycle is challenging for organizations of all types and sizes. As our clients refresh their assets, they rely upon us to optimize the value of their assets. Working with our team, provides cradle to grave solutions that optimize each stage of the lifecycle.

From procurement to final disposition, Tucci Electronic Recycling works with you to design the best IT asset lifestyle and decommissioning strategy based upon your company’s goals.

What we want?

Our vision is to be the major conduit in the Georgia region of computer technology and equipment between business, individuals, schools, and other non-profit organizations.

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This is part of what we do

We rely on donations of used computer equipment from local corporations, small business, and individuals to be able to achieve our mission of providing access to computer technology for Georgia area residents through our accesible prices of refurbished electronics and “Computers for Technology Students"

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